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Take a “GRAND” Tour Of Our Drop Shipping Super Stores

“Beautifully Designed” OpenCart Web SuperStore

The store is optimized for anyone, regardless of skill level, to take over. It’s been streamlined and thoroughly tested for the highest conversions possible with ANY Ad platform of your choosing

E-Commerce Drop-Shipping Super Store Values

Domain Name Registration – [ Valued at $10.99 ]

Premium created logo & Images – [ Valued at $69 ]

Premium Customized OpenCart Theme – [ Valued at $199.00 ]

FREE UNLIMITED HOSTING – [ Valued at $399.00 ]

(other drop shipping web stores charge MONTHLY recurring hosting fees)

Premium Design for ALL Devices – [ Valued at $499.00 ]

UNLIMITED TICKET SUPPORT – [Valued at $999.00]

Premium Plugins – [ Valued at $2,000.00 ]

(Ai – Automatically import products/change
prices/ place orders)

—Total=[ Valued at $3,976.99 ]


1, Is there ANY extra fees?
A) No, the auction winning bid is your only fee, {You will have a $10.99 domain registration in one year. (standard for all domain name registrations)}

2, Where is the web store hosted?
A) The web store is hosted on a Google Cloud server with our domain hosting service.

3, Does the web store work on WordPress?
A) No, it is an OpenCart e-commerce platform.

4, I’m new to e-commerce web stores, will I get help with my store?
A) Yes. with your new web store, you will receive the OpenCart Customization Video Tutorials.

5, What kind of support do you have?
A) You get UNLIMITED Ticket Support, which you can upgrade to 1-on-1 Skype Assistance.
(which will also include access to the Traffic and E-commerce Campus)

6, Can I get different images for my web store?
A) Yes you can. You can follow the OpenCart Customization Video Tutorials, or if you would like to have a fully customized Web Store you can have a look at www.fiverr.com

7, I am new to e-commerce, I’m not sure how to get traffic to my new web store, Will you help me?
A) That’s totally understandable, it’s a big task without help. There are few ways to get different levels of help. Google is the world’s biggest library, but not much 1-on-1 help here.
We OFFER Traffic Training within our E-Commerce Campus, where you can get help right away.
(1 month trial VIP upgrade for $1)

8, If making money with e-commerce is so good why aren’t you doing it?
A) GREAT QUESTION. To let you know a little bit about myself will help you to understand why. One of my personal pivotal needs is HELPING OTHERS.
I get my joy seeing my friends and customers become successful, SO instead of digging the GOLDMINES, I prefer to sell the shovels. And my shovels come with NOS (nitrous oxide) 🙂 I believe Your New Niche Product Web SuperStore is SOO POWERFUL you will be blessed with GREAT ABUNDANCE!!!

9, What methods of payment do you accept?
A)  Paypal, Payoneer, KOHO, Skrill

10,10, I was wondering about the products that have “Ships from Hong Kong” in the descriptions.
A) Note that most of our suppliers are primarily from the USA, then Canada and Europe. Products that are imported from Hong Kong suppliers are very rare and their quality and delivery time do not lag behind the offer and criteria of the already mentioned suppliers.

11, What will my Custom Explainer video look like?
A) Your video will contain your brand name, your phone number, your email, your logo, the agent of your choosing, and a paragraph copy of your creation. Videos will be 30-45 seconds long in length.

NO Recurring FEES

Unlike other eCommerce stores sold at Flippa, This Dropshipping Super Store runs fully AUTOMATED and does not require recurring payments, like Shopify fees, expensive recurring plugin costs, or product import plugin memberships. The only recurring cost to run this business will be your advertising budget. 

What is included in the sale?

juice• Domain name: DomainName.com – premium domain [valued at $10.99]
• Designed Graphics [logos & images-$69]
• Premium Design crafted by Our Development Team for
  Mobile and Desktop Devices [valued at $499]
• Unlimited FREE Hosting on *Google Cloud Servers* [valued at $399]
• Premium Plugins which allows you to import products/change prices/place orders automatically [worth $2000+]
• Premium Custom Theme Created for OpenCart [values at $199]
•Advanced Tracking System from various delivery sites, keeping track of your customers. from geo location to sale and product searches
• 50+ Integrated Payment Gateways for you, ready to accept any payments 
• 100% ready site to utilize any kind of traffic 
• Real-time Live Chat Feature + Cache Plugin + SEO 
{hot customer magnet having real time chat, ready to answer their questions and get the sales}
• A fully optimized OpenCart Store Setup with 500+ products [ EXPANDABLE to 1,000s ]
• Advanced SEO module with fully automated Keyword Generator [ AWESOME SEO Juice ]
• Free premium hosting
• Free SSL
• Free site security and backups
• Regular updates to the site itself as for long you remain on the current host


Due to surprisingly HIGH DEMAND for recession proof businesses, incredible profit margins are available to anyone willing to enter this under-served market. The demographics are already done for you. All you need to do is PLUG AND PLAY.

There are also SO MANY ways to grow this site other than just FB ads like…

  • Google Merchant (Google is offering FREE Google Shopping Ads At Google Merchant, Helping the novices to get started out faster)
  • Pinterest Ads (Pinterest is offering a $1000 FREE 2nd month {after you spend $1000 in the first month}
  • Twitter Ads Platform
  • Instagram Ads
  • eBay
  • Walmart

And The List Goes On…


This site is perfect for novices who are new to the paid advertising and eCommerce. EVERYTHING has already been done for you. If you’re looking to start your very first online business and would like to learn the ropes while generating a nice income off it, then this is the right auction for you. If you follow the instructions, which are given to you at the end of the auction, you can be up and running in no time at all.


ABSOLUTELY FREE! The best part about the setup is that it costs NOTHING to run, unlike Shopify stores with a $30 monthly fee, along with expenses from plugins and monthly memberships you pay to import/export products. (SAVING YOU $1,000s)

Your DropShipping SuperStore comes with EVERYTHING built right in. From the product import software to the product order plugins, the only expense you need to consider is ads. And of course, the cost of the yearly domain name renewal can be less than $10!


>>Newsletter Optin: The optin is designed to get customers to enter their email addresses even if they don’t make a purchase. This way instead of wasting traffic, you’ll have a valuable email list that you can remarket to in the future with new promotions and offers.

The email optin form will show up 10 seconds after the user visits the page. The pop-up asks if they’d like to enter their email in return for a discount. Note…the popup timer and where it displays can be changed at any time.

>>  Mass Product Importer – the site comes with a plugin that is specifically designed to automate the importation and price updates of products being sold on Google Shopping, Facebook Shops, eBay, Walmart, and more.

Many eCommerce stores sold here on Flippa come with AliExpress importers, which charge a monthly fee or make you pay per product ordered…but NOT THIS ONE.  More Savings To You!

You can sell products on eBay which is a MASSIVE income opportunity as eBay sells a lot more items than AliExpress. You also have the added benefit of being able to ship domestically which is HUGE!


The site’s promotion could easily be expanded to Instagram, Twitter Ads, or Adwords. Instagram is still an untapped source when it comes to eCommerce. Traffic is undervalued so you can squeeze a nice ROI from promoting via Instagram influencers (as well as Youtube). This is also a less complicated approach to marketing if you’re just starting out.


You will receive a PDF package with detailed tutorials inside about each module and how to customize them on your own. Simple as that.

Don’t worry if this sounds intimidating as each step is broken down with the beginner store owner in mind. The illustrated walkthroughs are easy to understand and follow. 

We also offer you an opportunity to upgrade to The VIP Treatment, 1-on-1 Skype Support & Access to the E-commerce and Traffic Campus [ Extensive tutorial Library]


If you’re willing to put in the work it takes to maintain this store, I can promise you won’t have any regrets. This online business has the potential to set you up for financial freedom if you let it. Again, don’t get me wrong, this is NOT at all a ‘get rich quick scheme. 

You are building a better future with hard work and persistence. By investing in a store like this one that already has EVERYTHING done for, it’s allowing you to get a MASSIVE HEAD START to accomplishing that goal of financial freedom. Be Blessed In You Future of Financial Abundance.

Shiver Sex Toys


98% Automated Web SuperStore
Valued at $3,976.99
Dream Store.

Shiver Sex Toys


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