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Do You Believe You Have The Power INSIDE To Make Your DREAMS Come True?

If you BELIEVE that you have the power inside of you to do ANYTHING.. And Feel that your destiny is to be a World Class Musician, Then we have a common place to start a Band. Please take a few mins to watch these videos to see where I am coming from.. Thxz


So I hope this was not too much truth for ya, But it is scientific fact.

It is also a fact that auto suggestion can change your life. People have used it for centuries to create their fortunes, and change the outcome of any thing in their lives. I believe that a group of people with a common goal (a band) without giving up their better self (no compromise) can do MORE in 1 year that a person can do alone in a lifetime.

Here is my auto suggestion that I read aloud 3 times a day with enthusiasm.

I am so happy and grateful NOW that I am living a peaceful life of financial abundance. By September 01/2018 or sooner, It excites me that through daily meditation and journeying I write amazing song lyrics. I feel empowered singing and practicing daily. My musical/video recording project, a Master Mind Alliance with people of legendary musical abilities, creating music, playing to sold out stadiums and theaters worldwide. While I play for my many fans, energy and power is felt by all. My music makes them feel fantastic about themselves. They love to sing and dance with magnetic enthusiasm. The light within induces people to love and desire me and my music. Through our harmonious and cooperative efforts the members of my band and I write and produce 100’s of top 50 hit-songs or better within the first 30 days of being released. I love that my band and I earns me over $25,000 a month through internet sales and royalties.

What is a Master Mind Alliance? It is when a group of people (in this case, A group of people with legendary musical abilities) Who work together for a common goal without taking anybody’s good. It has been proven time and time again when a group of people work together THEY can accomplish more in one year that a single person can in a lifetime.

Now my musical experience; I am 52 years young. I’ve been playing music since a toddler Pots and Pans in my mom’s kitchen 8=), But it got real in grade school at grade 1 I started out on a ukulele, recorder in grade 2, violin in grade 5, at 13 I started the bass and my first of many bands. In grade 9 I start playing french horn and trumpet, at 16 I started play the acoustic guitar, 17 the drums, 18 the electric guitar, 20 the keyboard. Now my main weapon of choice is bass but I do love play lead guitar. The list is long and eclectic, but here are some
Aerosmith, Beatles, Cream, Def Leppard, Eagles, Faith No More, Gabriel, Helix – Rock You, Iron Maiden, Jeff Healey, King (BB), Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nine Lashes, Ozzy Osbourne, Petra, Queen, Rush, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Triumph, U2, Van Halen, Whitesnake, X-Sinner, Yes, Zombies.

If you have the vision to see yourself successful and are willing to join a movement not just a band please email me text or call me 604-795-9423 I would love to explain more if you are not sure about my vision.. Thxz and BeBlessed Darren Neilson

Physics of Possibilities

What the bleep do we know from FestiwalFilmówKontrowersyjnych on Vimeo.


The Secret

This movie is the starting point of the rest of my life. If this movie excited you PLEASE call or text me, together we can build a huge life changing musical project…

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